How to apply Champion Slide Ezy

From time to time your instrument will need some maintenance, usually a clean up and lubrication etc in order to keep it in the best playing condition possible. 

We've put together an easy to follow guide for Champion Slide Ezy below:

  1. Separate the outer slide from the inner slide.

  2. Clean the inside of the outer and inner slides using a flexible trombone cleaning brush.

  3. Clean the outside of the inner slide with a cleaning cloth to remove traces of the existing, old lubricant.

  4. Apply 2 small drops to the top and middle of both inner slides (slides do vary so adjust the amount if required).

  5. Carefully slide the outer slide back onto the inner slide.

  6. Spread the lubricant using the outer slide.

  7. Spray with water if required, using the Champion Trombone Aqua Pump or similar.

  8. Check the slide moves freely and smoothly. If not, repeat steps 1 & 3 to 7, changing the amount of Slide Ezy as appropriate.

  9. Make a note of how many drops most suits the slide for future appluications.

When necessary, re-apply Champion Slide Ezy following stepas 1 &4 to 7